Slamm IV: Naruepol Fairtex vs. Fadi Merza

┬áNaruepol dominated the fight and broke merza’s rib.

Round I:

Round II:

Round III:


3 Responses to “Slamm IV: Naruepol Fairtex vs. Fadi Merza”

  1. hi martial art friend, how about exchanging link and fave each other in technorati? hope we can improve our blog

  2. Thanks for the vids from Slamm IV. Mr GQ was all over him – what a great fighter. Tho it was so one-sided, it was embarrassing to watch come the end…

  3. Hey, Everyone!

    The season finale of our Muay Thai show, Champions of Champions Elite is on December 17th on G4TV!

    For the last one we’re going to be showing the Tyrone Spong VS Nathan “Carnage” Corbett fight from last year. This fight was a pretty big deal! Mired in controversy from the start, Spong would only fight Corbett if he didn’t use his elbows. A confusing referee call (made by Paulo Tocha of Bloodsport and Predator 2 fame) and two KO’s later the entire audience was in an uproar on what the heck happened. Was the ref unclear? Did Nathan deserve to get disqualified after knocking Spong out twice (like Jaxx in Mortal Kombat)? We’ll be showing the whole thing, including the craziness that ensued afterward (people from the audience rushing into the ring, the commentators getting into a fight, etc).

    Here’s a quick promo:

    We also have a recent video interview (from last week!) with referee Paulo Tocha on the whole matter. If I get the chance, I’ll try to put it up for you.

    I know there were a lot of problems on December 5th, but we are still airing the 2010 Kings Cup tournament on PPV and Video On Demand for the rest of the month if you’re interested. Just check your listings if you still want to check it out.

    Also, if you liked our show at all, and want to see more Muay Thai on TV, just go to our website. We have lots of clips in the Community section. Plus the Official blog is updated twice a week.

    Anyone planning to tune in?

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