WBC Muay Thai Event (March 1) was CANCELLED.

The commitee announced that due to state law of California the event had to be cancelledApparently the CSAC cancelled the events while the audience were waiting and fighters were getting ready to fight. The reason that I’ve heard that it was caused by insufficient number of paramedics team (I saw one ambulance and three paramedics outside.) What gives????


2 Responses to “WBC Muay Thai Event (March 1) was CANCELLED.”

  1. I was told that there were ambulance drivers waiting. the state required that actual paramedics be onsite. the city of bueana park was never requested to setup paramedics and couldnt do it anyway. bad planning on the promotors part. where is the next show and when”

  2. muaypride Says:

    Thanks for the info, Robert!
    If that’s the case, then the promotor was the one to blame and was responsible to have everything handled properly. This is bad for the sports. Also, it’s completely unfair to the fighter who had prepared for months for the fights, as well as to the all people who came, purchased the tickets, gave their weekend away for this bullcrap.

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