SLAMM IV results: Yodsaenklai lost to Andy Souwer


Part I:

Part II:

Andy Souwer had an easy point victory against Yodsaenklai. It seems like Yod’s style is a bad matchup against Souwer. As usual, Yod kept throwing left kicks landing on the arms all the time. Keep in mind, this was under K-1 rules, so those kind of kicks don’t score points if blocked. Souwer pretty much controlled the rhythm of the fights.

Complete results of SLAMM IV: Thailand vs. Netherland 

Fadi Merza vs Narueon Fairtex ——- Narueon Fairtex Wins (Fadi Merza did’not came out of his corner after the 3th round.)
Menno Dijkstra vs Samranchai —— Samranchai wins on points
Rachid Belani vs Saenchai ——- Saenchai Wins on points
Dennis Scheindmiller vs Malaipet ——– Malaipet Wins on points
Hassan Ait Bassoun vs Anuwat —— DRAW
Andy Souwer vs Yodsenklai ——– Andy Souwer Wins on points after extra round


6 Responses to “SLAMM IV results: Yodsaenklai lost to Andy Souwer”

  1. thanks for the info on the results for yodsanklai and souer. hope souer would fight under shoot boxe or muay thai rules in the future, instead of k-1 rules might leave more techniques open for yodsanklai or more time for adjustments to k-1. any info on fight details for narueon vs. merza and saenchai vs belani?

  2. muaypride Says:

    You’re welcome.
    I’ve just updated this post with the full fight version.
    I’m still trying to find out about the details on other fights.

  3. I don’t agree that souwer one the fight. And I don’t agree witht the poster that it was a one sided victory. IF it were they wouldn’t have had to do the extra round. I think in thai rules Yodsanklai won very clearly. He never had to retreat as a result of souwer’s attacks and even though souwer blocked the kicks, Yod had over 10 unanswered kicks in a row at one point! Unanswered and uncountered. Yodsanklai also totally nuetralized Souwer’s bobing and weaving. I am not a refferee so my opinion is debatable, but try to see it from my side.

  4. muaypride Says:

    I agree with you G, under Muay Thai rules, this exact same fight would be Yod’s. Yod had done more damages to Souwer and kept pressuring on him. However, did you notice that Souwer did countless of leg kicks, unanswered by Yod? Those brought big points for Souwer eventhough they seem harmless for Yod (he didn’t even bother to check em). On the final round, Souwer dilligently landed many leg kicks plus punches here and there. Again, we gotta see this thing under K-1 rules and scoring systems. Believe me, I am a big fan of Yod. I wanted him to win this fight badly. It’s just Yod couldn’t adjust his fighthing style yet (to be more favorable to K-1 style.) Give him more time and opportunity to compete in K-1 World Max, Yod would big a major threat to everyone there.

  5. Appreciate posting the main event. looked more like a draw. taking away the elbows and knees, plums really took a lot out of yodsanklai stronger attack patterns. yea agree thai rules would have weighted more heavily for the unchecked middle kicks.

  6. Edward Says:

    The best way to judge any fight is to see who is hurt more. If you disagree with this, I ask you – what’s the use of me landing 50 more punches on Yod if he’s gonna knock me one with 1 punch??

    Some of these rules are really full of shit, but it is easier to give some sort of dodgy scoring system to add some crappy legitimacy to the organizing company.

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