Just found the best Muay Thai gym in Pasadena, CA

Several months ago, I found the website of Pro Training Inc, Sityodtong LA (USA), a Muay Thai Kickboxing gym in Pasadena: www.sityodtongla.com
The gym is located in Pasadena, CA. The instructors are Walter “Sleeper” Michalowski, former middle weight champion, and Kru Nokweed, an official WBC Muay Thai referee.


2 Responses to “Just found the best Muay Thai gym in Pasadena, CA”

  1. Elaborate please. What makes this gym so great?

  2. Personally I feel that I’ve received quality instructions (techniques, drills) as well as rigorous physical training for strength, explosiveness and conditioning. Kru Walter really cares about students’ progress, making sure we’re using proper form, techniques. At the beginning, I just simply wanted to add some stand up skill set to complement my BJJ. I had already taken some private training with other instructors, however I feel that Walter’s instructions, techniques, teaching and fighting experience are top notch and suit me better than from anybody else. I’ve seen so many students who started came to the gym several months ago who had 0% MA experience, didn’t even know how to lift up they arms LOL. I could see some significant progress of theirs, how they can execute the movements with proper forms and techniques.

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